Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Very short stories 6th

The Egyptian pyramids were made of magnet.
A hand opened the lock with his key.
The dice pulled the light bulb to the fountain.
I was at home. In my garden there was a big apple tree where there were a lot of apples.
The magic eye gave light to the padlock.
The kid was sleeping. In his dream he scared and when he woke up he was sad.
The beetle was sleeping and in its dream there was a key.
We travelled by plane. When we crossed the rainbow the light switched off.
An Indian went in the tent to eat turtle and salmon.
I saw with my eye how the boy threw his arrow. he got happy.
I was sleeping in the plane and I dreamt with the rainbow.
The boy scared because he saw a star and he went home.
In the building there was a tree with a padlock.
She walked to buy apples.

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